New notes via services always sent to the root of the DB

My main workflow involves sending text into DT via the Services menu entry (triggered by a Quicksilver hotkey.)

I want the text clipping to go into the selected (highlighted and/or last active group window), but it always go to the DB’s root level (even if I open a group window and close all other main windows, or if leave a single DB browser window open with a single group highlighted in it.)

The import prefs are set to In Top / Current Group

What gives? Am I supposed to be selecting the intended destination in the floating groups window? Or some other way I haven’t tried yet?

How is DT determining which is the active group?

(It occurs to me that a nice extra feature that would allay this ambiguity while adding functionality is a “bullseye” icon in the toolbar of each window that could be eligible as a destination for imported objects. Only one window could have the bullseye active at a time, and it could be revealed from the Go To menu should the user lose track of it. The window with it’s Bullseye colored in would be the override target for import. If no window has the Bullseye enabled, the destination would be as specified by the rule in the preferences. Apologies if this has been suggested before, or implemented in dev builds. )

The preferences entry for importing is somewhat ambiguously worded on this account–my expectation for mac-like behavior is that the targeted group would be the one whose window last had focus (the last window active when DT was last in the foreground), or which is selected if the last window with focus was browsing a list of groups.

No matter what I do, new plain and rich notes created outside DT are sent to the top level of the DB. I am forced to continously go to the main window, resort by last modification, and file clippings manually every time I want to change contexts. I can not just select a new group and have new clippings arrive there as the preferences seem to imply should happen.

Am I missing something obvious?

I have a few other minor quibbles and frustrations here and there but this is the first real head scratcher I’ve run across since really putting DT to work over the last week.

Any advice appreciated.

I still haven’t figured out how to make this work. I would really appreciate a little guidance.


As I frequently bring in multiple new documents that will go into different group locations, I created a group to receive new items, called Incoming.

In Preference > Import I selected Incoming as the destination for new content.

I have the sort of Incoming set to Modification Date.

OK–so is it the expected behavior that new items created via Services will always appear at the DB root, with the preferences set to Top/Current? Am I wrong in assuming that, for instance, text sent to DT by “Take Plain Note” should not go to the top unless no group is selected?

New items created via the menus within DT appear in the current (selected) group as expected.

I like the flexibility of sending new itemsto a selected group, and I’d rather not have a single destination set that’s only controllable through the prefs window.

In the thread linked below, you seemed to indicate that new items created via the Services menu from other applications should respect the import location set in the Prefs:

(from … t=web+site)

This simply isn’t happening for me. Everything goes to the root.