New OmniFocus open available for Things?

In the new version of DTTG, you can make an entry in OF from any document in DTTG. ANy idea if this will also be available in Things?

Maybe this is a feature of OF (support for it, I mean) and not DTTG?


I think adding a generic “copy link to item” functionality would make a great addition to DTTG. This way it would be possible to add links to DT items to iThoughts HD mind maps or to OmniOutliner outlines.


+1 - very good idea - and therefore if the link uses the desktop-standard x-devonthink-item://~ form then they should work when that OPML, or whatever, is used on the desktop

Wow copying a link to the current document in dttg would be massive.

Please put it in the next update!!!

The add to OmniFocus is proving very useful. Thanks so much

Also a big thing would be access to annotations in PDFs directly in dttg. Please!

Noted as a feature request :slight_smile: