New .rtf file from custom template creates two instances


Whenever I choose Data / New from Template / [name of custom .rtf template] (or the equivalent in the context menu), my DEVONthink Pro 2.2 creates two instances of that new file, one where it ought to, the other at some random place in the same database. Of course I can seek out this superfluous second instance and delete it, yet it is a bit bothersome in the long run, so I thought I might ask if someone had any idea on that.


The second instance is probably a replicant as the template might have been (accidentally) tagged, e.g. if the “Exclude groups from tagging” option in File > Database Properties is not disabled.

Just ensure that the item is not tagged/replicated (see Info panel), then export the template again.

A document created with the new from template command will also appear as a duplicate if the original document that you used to create the template is still in the database. However, that wouldn’t explain why it appears in a random place in the database.

Never would have thought of that (cgrunenberg’s tag suggestion). Problem solved, thanks a lot.