new search opens with old search - Part aswered

How do I get rid of a search I typed directly into DEVONagent Pro 3.8.1 search box? Now whenever I open a new search that search text is present.

Also, how does DEVONagent filter junk results and can this be controlled by the user? My first search used my email address as a search term and found some interesting things. I wondered what web meta data files (server logs, cache contents, etc.), which would have been of interest, were discarded. In the case of this test search the search term was very well known and understood so I’d have wanted to see any result.

I see that the ones DEVONagent does not include in the results are in the log, so one can view all matches there. My bad for missing this. Still wondering why terms entered into search box persist when new search box is opened.

Convenience? (Maybe not for you, but maybe for others.)

The terms are highlighted when the search box opens, so just start typing and the old term will be overwritten.


I also wondering a long time why the old search term is still visible.
Especially when the private browsing is activated.
Private browsing is not private with the old search term.

This should be fixed.


Hmm. Maybe its not the old search term.
It could be the last words in the clipboard.
I had a word in the search field i never typed in there.
This is strange.


DEVONagent is following Apple’s practice, e.g., in the Find panel. A formerly used search term will be retained when next opened, or a term used in the query of a different app.

Generally, that’s convenient to users. For example, if I’ve done a query with one search set, I can choose a different search set and the query doesn’t have to be reentered.

As the retained query is highlighted, it can be accepted, or a different query can be entered by typing to replace it.

Suppose I’ve done a search in DEVONthink, e.g. aldous NEAR/2 huxley
That lets me explore my database(s) for documents that meet that criteria.

I can then do a Web search for pages that meet the same criteria by opening a search set in DEVONagent Pro. Great! The query is already there.