New section for versions 3 beta?

Wonder whether it would be helpful to separate out beta discussion from the general support stream?

I just downloaded the beta today and am having a blast trying it out. I too would like to have a separate section where we beta testers can quickly find other people’s comments, questions and suggestions that ONLY apply to the beta version.

Thirded. I already have some feedback (including a bug or two) for the v3 beta and don’t see a prescribed mechanism for sharing that feedback with DT. If the proper venue is the forum, then it makes sense to separate the beta discussions from the other chatter.

Welcome @BAW

If you have actual bugs, ie. consistently reproducible issues, they should be reported via Option key- Help > Report Bug.

General questions and suggestions can be posted here.

Are Beta testers selected ? or…

Wait I just keep reading everyone can test it.

How to?

The beta is available to download here:

Thank you.

OK. I wanna jump right in, I wanna update it. I know I’m getting it for free since I just bought it a few weeks ago.

Should I wait or? I know there maybe some bugs but I can live with it.
If I go in, how do I transit all my Databases(5) to V3?

I know there maybe some bugs but I can live with it.

This is not an early access program. It is a beta test meant to check out the operation, find and report bugs, etc.

If you choose to move all your data to DT3, that is your option. I personally don’t advocate it, but again it’s your choice. You could just open them in DT3, but you should not open v2 and v3 at the same time.

OK, but if I move all databases would it be able to sync to my iOS app?

Also what is the new DevonThink server?

but if I move all databases would it be able to sync to my iOS app?


Also what is the new DevonThink server?

It is not new. It’s an improved version of the Web Sharing that was available in Pro Office.

Ah great! Got it.

Should I enable sync on DevonThink3 in preference too? there is no issue if both V2 and V3 sync is enable right?

Also, how long do I have until it is no longer free upgrade?

BTW I really like the new icon so perfect for v3 nicely done guys.

You can, of course, use V2 and V3 sync at the same time. They’re identical, code-wise. DEVONthink 3 will request a license code as soon as the public beta phase is over.

I expect that you will find that moving forward DEVONthink 3 discussions will dominate the general support stream, and that the public beta period will be brief.

Fair point. I do wonder whether the cost of upgrade vs feature set might keep a significant. number of users on v2, in which case it might still be helpful to separate the discussions. Time will give us the answer.

Re: Continuing use of v2… do recall @eboehnisch’s comments…

Considering the work that went into v3 and the huge amount of improvements, I’d say the upgrade is worth it.

And in my words…

Remember that the price of the software is not an expense . (An expense is recurring, like gas and chai lattes!) It is an investment in your education / business / and maybe even your life (finances, genealogy, health records, hobbies or business ideas, etc., etc.)


Those are both significant points, but they’re only a subset of factors. I have 3 options, and they’re all unplayable in some substantial way:

  • Pay the extra for Server - uses money that is needed elsewhere, so something outside DR-world is lost
  • Update to Pro, pay an update cost and lose a part of a workflow that. I’ve spent 2 years developing
  • Stick with v2 and risk some future and unpredictable issue or incompatibility

None of these are. good - I simply have to figure which is the least bad, which may change between now and a year hence.

I don’t want to take anything away from the job you’ve done in developing v3 - it’s a distinct improvement in many important areas and you all deserve plaudits. As I said in a previous post, I understand the hard commercial realities. I’m quite possible an edge case and you have to focus where it gives you a return.

I’m not even suggesting that your. prices are too high - good software costs good money. I’m just looking for a solution to my own problem

Understood and no offense taken (or intended). :slight_smile:

Likewise :grinning:

In my own work (project managing system/process implementations) the golden rule is that, since we can never make everyone happy, if everyone’s equally unhappy, we’re probably in roughly the right place.