New "See Also" features and the "Concordance" inspector: Do you use it? If so, how?

I’ve just read through the release notes for 3.8 and am now playing around with the new “See Also” and “Document > Mentions” features – many thanks for those, highly appreciated! Just as all the other improvements, of course :slight_smile:

When playing around with those features, I started thinking about the “List” and “Diagram” views in the “Concordance” inspector. I was wondering: Do you all use those inspectors regularly, and if you do, what use case do you have for them?

Personally, I never use the Diagram view nor the list view; the Cloud view is better suited for my uses. I use it only as another way to discover related content, however.

I’d have one wishlist entry: the “Concordance → Cloud” and “Concordance → List” views would IMHO profit from a slider that allowed to set a frequency cutoff, so that the word cloud only contained words above a certain frequency, and a “stop word” slider that would allow setting a threshold that progressively hides common words.

absence of stop words cutting makes it indeed useless. +1 on that request.

I certainly wouldn’t call it useless. And you can exclude words via the contextual menu.

I’ve always thought of See Also as sort of self-defining search criteria. I don’t think I’ve ever used the Concordance, but I’m a typical user. I’d be disappointed if it disappeared.

A few months ago I had a request to categorize about a thousand PDF files. See Also was handy and saved a lot of time.