New Sente integration

I couldn’t help but notice that the newest update offers support for Sente. Does anyone know what this actually means? I would love to have these two applications in harmony in my workflow.

I double posted this in the news of the release, and received an answer regarding the smart template. I have tried the smart template with no luck. Anyone else getting this to work?

I’m unable to make it work.

I am a bookends user, but the question of this type of integration and what it means has come up in the past, without ever getting – as far as I can tell – an answer. The answers I have seen have been about how to try and get it to work. But the question of how it is supposed to work has been left unanswered, it seems.
This thread too asks the question: what is supposed to happen, and how.

Is there any chance that someone who has this type of integration working might describe what happens, so that those who do not can at least be jealous of something specific.

If possible, explain how it might work on bookends too.
It would obviously be great to have DTP integrate with Sente/Bookends, but what precisely does such integration mean?

A screencast might be one way to answer the question, but I’m sure a posting outlining the steps and the results might also do the trick.

Any volunteers?


It does not work here (DTPO 2.04 and Sente 6.1.15). Anyone else got it to work?

I would also like to know what this new update means. In fact, as a new user, I’m puzzled by nearly all the new updates. How are we supposed to know what these mean and how to use them?

Maybe read the release notes?

The release notes I saw only listed the changes. They didn’t describe what they meant or how to use them. For a newbie, they were very cryptic. I’d love to have something that explained what they meant. As they are, I don’t know how to use them. Is there more explanation somewhere?

The documentation (available as a PDF in the downloads section of the DEVON Web site) is updated with every release of DEVONthink.

No offense happyscholar but let us return to the subject of the thread. It seems that quite a few people have not succeeded in getting the supposed integration of DTPO and Sente to work.
Is the problem reproducible and is any work being done on this subject? What kind of input on behalf of us would help speeding up the troubleshooting?

Sorry to derail. I too am very interested in the subject of this thread, but as a newbie, I am just more bewildered than others. The original question was:

I was directed to the updated documentation for more explanation, but all it states is, “Reference (from Sente 6): Adds the reference selected in Sente 6 to your database.”

This isn’t enough information (for me) to even know how to try to use this feature to see if it works.

I don’t use Sente myself, but I do use EndNote X4. I select a reference in EndNote and in DEVONthink I go to the menu ‘Data>New from Template>Education>Reference (from EndNote)’ and a new RTF document like the one pictured below is created. The Sente 6 template is in the same menu.

Greg_Jones has described the process, only you have to use the Sente template inside the education group. Just don’t forget to select a reference in Sente first and a group in Devonthink where you want the annotation to appear.

Only it does not work for some people, it used to work but now it does not, for me and others. In fact, strictly speaking you were on topic and I was derailing it. Target fixation, I guess. :smiley:

After reading the available documentation I too am unable to get the Sente feature to work. I can get other templates to work but this one is unresponsive.

I’m using the following software versions.
Sente 6.1.15
DTPO 2.04
OS 10.6.5

Any more guidance on “how” to make this work? Thank you.


There’s a bug in the script. The script retrieves the reference from Sente, but terminates when it tries to create the record in DT. It’s an DTech-created script, so they’ll need to fix it and re-release it.

Thank you. It’s good to know I’m not crazy or simply missing the obvious. :smiley:

I will look forward to the fix during the next round of updates.


seems a another update was just released. :smiley:

Even with update I cannot get the Sente Template to work. With the update I followed DT prompts and updated the additional files as well. Has anybody gotten the Sente Template to work with recent versions of DTPO?


The update has not got the template working for me either.

Now that DEVONthink To Go is submitted to Apple, I will look at this problem :slight_smile: