New Smart Group automatically sets itself as Sub Smart Group


I created a simple smart group to find indexed items in my global inbox.


  • i clicked on the global inbox → context menu → create smart group as below
  • the new smart group automatically locates itseld as the sub smart group of another smart group (added this week items).


  • why does the smart group relocate itself ?
  • does this arrangement mean that my rule will end up only looking for indexed files among those files added this week ?
  • what are the 2 types of icons below ?

thanks in advance for your time and help

The smart group isn’t in a subgroup of a smart group. It’s a sibling of the other smart groups, not a child.

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Sorry, I don’t understand. Why isn’t it simply under Inbox at the same level as the others. Why is it indented and why 2 different icons ?
thank you

Are you sure that there’s no Smart Group Indexed Item in Inbox below the ones shown in your capture? I guess DEVONthink just selected the instance of Indexed Item in Inbox in Smart Group .Recent Inbox Added This Week excl Subgroups copy because the latter got a period at the beginning of its name, i.e. it’s sorted above Indexed Item in Inbox.

Selecting a random instance of a record does happen after deleting a replicant, maybe it’s the same behaviour in your case.

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Very good point. thanks very much. I will do some testing based on your idea. Have a nice evening.