New smart rule feature to Convert Keywords to Tags

In the releae notes to DT 3.5 I saw that Smart rules can Convert Keywords to Tags.

Can I use this to auto convert all document in a fixed group? Can this group be an external indexed group? This would sort my problem from the topic “Run Convert Keywords to Tags via Applescript”.

Cool! Thanks. Will try it out.

PS: Very nifty how you added the Keywords to the columns. - Just found out how to do this!

Just trying to show the rich text keywords were detected and the converted tags.

One question to the condition: Additionally to Keywords matches … I’d like to use Tags are empty so that the process is only done when there are no tags set yet.

But how can I create a condition Tags are empty? With Tag is … I can’t get there…

Item: is not: tagged.

Thank you. This does the trick.