New Sync Strategy

So bugger, now that Box Sync will be deprecating WebDAV, looks like DEVONthink will no longer sync with Box where I’ve been storing all my DT databases. Looks like time to find a new cloud storage system for my DT databases.

Does DT work with Google Drive? I haven’t been able to find out.

Basically, what I’m trying to accomplish is move my DT databases to a new cloud system and my Mac, iPad Pro, and iPhone will sync with that. For a few years, Box has worked well and has been pretty seamless for me.

Thanks for any guidance!

Not directly, no. We blogged about a possible option here: … with-sync/

Thanks for this information, Jim.

I’m trying to check out using iCloud for syncing. I have two or three different iCloud accounts. When I use DT on Mac to sync to iCloud, it doesn’t seem like I can tell it which iCloud account to use. Could you advise?


You can only have one iCloud account at a time logged in on an account, so it would be the account shown in System Preferences > iCloud. Also, note you cannot sync between iCloud accounts.

Ah…ok. I discovered 4Shared so will try that out. It gives 10GB free which is a good size for my databases.