New synch does not work

Getting hundreds of error messages — “Couldn’t move ‘name of file here’ into the database package”. IPad completely immobilized while it works through them all. Sure hope it is not going to screw up the copy of the database on my Mac.

did you update your DT on Mac first? Also update sync to CloudKit on Mac too, I started syncing from my Mac and when it finished then I synced my iOS devices

It is unclear what you’re reporting here. Can you provide a screen capture?

I’m seeing the same phenomenon.

I’ve had trouble with synching on my iPhone ever since I upgraded to DEVONThinkTG 3. Some databases say “Not Yet Synched” without any indication of why.

One of my databases had been trying to synch, but the spinner has been spinning every time I’ve opened the Locations settings pane. Tonight I made sure to keep the app active longer, and now I’m getting a cascade of Error alerts just like the ones acoyne reported back in February.

Each one appears on a totally black screen, and says:

“Error. Couldn’t move the file ‘’ into the database package.”

They seem to be dialog boxes, because they have “OK” buttons, but clicking OK doesn’t seem to do anything, but more and more alerts keep coming. I must have seen hundreds by now.

Occasionally the program crashes, and when I start it again the cascade of alerts continues.

BLUEFROG asked for a screenshot, but the dialogs seem to be modal and don’t allow the screen capture mechanism to work.

The databases are hosted on my iMac running DEVONThinkPro 3.6.3, and my iPad synchs with the same databases with no problems.

How can I fix this? I depend on being able to access my DEVONThink databases on my iPhone.