New Take Control Book about DevonThink

A bird sang in my ear that Joe Kissel is working on a new/updated book about DevonThink.

Great complement to the Manual and this forum. No dates set yet but seems to be on his agenda. Bought some 15 Take Control books and they are easy to understand and relatively cheap to buy.

Great to know for us newbies :wink:.

Just bought the 2012 version…


I bought some 15 Take Control books from different sellers on internet. I found out that the smartest to do is to set up a free account with TakeControlBooks.

In the end of every book there is a “ access extras related to this ebook”, if you have your account page open and are logged in, you can just press this link and the book will be registered with them for free. You can then get some updates free, som for 50% off etc. depending on when you registered with them.

There is also a possibility to download them again for free in another format. I have both an iPad and a Kindle so that is a smart feature. Hope you will get a good price on the new one when it comes out!

It seems possible that he might be anticipating a new version of Devonthink.

The Take Control book for DT is wonderful and I’m glad to hear that he is working on a new one, because even advanced users will probably find something useful in there. It would be nice if DT had an online “store” with a link to related products – one’s they produce (t-shirts and mugs?) along with related stuff so that users could find it all in one place.

Could this mean DevonTHINK v. 3/iOS app will be coming out soon?


Could what mean this?

No t’shirts. Books, though: here

Thanks! I have a vague memory of the page, and I had completely forgotten about the books. Maybe they need t-shirts and a more prominent link to it, though. Unless you are purchasing the app, which is normally a onetime thing, there is almost no reason to go there.