New text document that shows state (checkbox item)

I want to have a folder at left (with a FOLDER icon), then on the right, I’d like to create checkbox items.

Currently I can only achieve this by adding a text document, going to Tools > Show info… and checking the box “Show State”.

Alternatively I could have an outline at left (a checkbox folder so to speak), then just click on new text document and it will be a checkbox text item.

I want to keep a folder at left because it looks more like a nice package for my project. Also I could put a descriptive icon to it 8)

So my request is very simple: at the left I have my simple folders with cool icons and at the right I have check box style items which I can work with. Very simple setup !

I’m a fan of the 6th view by the way - the 3 pane view.

So please include a script – or better yet, a button for the tool bar: “New checkbox text document



You can also use the contextual menu to achieve this.

Thanks for the hint for this quicker workaround.

Yet, to have a one button operation would be neat. I can already see the icon for this: A checkbox with a plus-sign badge :slight_smile: