New Text & Image document in DTTG

I’m trying to create a new document in DTTG on my iPhone, that includes both text and images. Is there any way to do this, and if so, how?


The best way to do this, as far as I can tell, is to tap the +, select “text”, write in the desired text or placeholder text, tap >, select “Formatted note”.

Then located the newly created formatted note, open it, tap “edit” long-tap in the body until the little black text edit pop up appears. You’ll see an icon on the far right that looks like a picture hanging from a wire. Tap that and you can insert your images, one at a time.

It’s a pain, but I believe this is the only way.

You could copy and image to the clipboard and paste it in while composing a note. However, the New Document Assistant has a small composition window so I’m not sure it will be a satisfying experience. I have an issue open on it to discuss.

Awesome. Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses. I’m good to go now.