New to Devon questions

I already have iNotePad, and NotePad Deluxe which I use extensively. I recently bought DEVONnote, and am contemplating DEVONthink.

I am debating whether I want to combine everything into one app, such as DT, if it can handle the load (what is its capacity?) or if there are benefits to having one app for xx items, another for xxx items, etc. As I am new to the Devon strategy, I am wondering about the benefits of using DT versus something like my iNotePad.

Secondly, I noticed on the forum people recommended not to use DT as an image cataloger (they recommended iView Media). I had tried a few images, including EPS into DT and it was really great. So what are the reasons it is not recommended? I am not concerned with it being a camera repository like iPhoto, but rather a searchable database of my stock images/EPS art, client art, etc. so that these items can be readily located. I have an old version of iView on my computer and it is nice, but rather than upgrade it I prefer to replace it.

Thank you!

I use DevonNote for all my works-in-progress, as a place to gather early data and then later pass it on to DTPro. Of late I’ve also turned DN into a primary To Do list, thus getting rid of SideNote, Stickies, and the Entourage Notes and Task lists. DN opens fast and is a bottomless pit for data files. On the images: I still use iView, but iPhoto is also good for image cataloging–you might consider using it.


with DevonThink I got rid of all the other note taking apps, some of those you mention, some others. As for photos and other images, DT can of course manage them nicely, you can put captions and other meta data into the comment field and use groups as keywords. The sad thing is that DT is not able to read and modifiy standard meta data for images, EXIF and IPTC in particular. That would be really great. So, for my photos I finally bought Aperture (Lightroom may be the better solution, but Adobe…).

I do not know the differences between PE and Pro but would recommend to check the Pro version. I only know that I rely on some of its features and could not go back to PE.

All the best,