New to Devonthink - How do I set default external editor


I’m new to DevonthinkPro Office. I am trying to figure out how to set a default editor in the Data > Open With… menu. I can see the editor I want to use in the list, but I’d like to set it to the default so I can use the keyboard short cut.


Is there any chance that DevonThink will enhance there full screen mode just a tiny bit. Namely it would be smashing if I could set the entire screen area to white and not just the writing area. My preference for writing is black text on white background. And any chance you might add typewriter scrolling (keeping the active line being written in the center of teh screen).


Default editors are set in the OS.

To set a default editor, in the Finder, find the type of file (.txt, rtf etc) you want.
Highlight it and use the get info command (Command + I). Set the default “open with” with your application of choice and click “change all” to open all of these doc types with this application.

DT will respect your settings for default editors.

Thank you for the swift reply. If I use highlighting as a form of annotation, is there a way to clear the highlight on a group of files?