New to DT: Linking info to various places

I have been wrestling with how to solve this problem for years. I’m not sure if DTOP can do it or not.

I have a group called “Lectionary Readings” which has 3 subgroups: Year A B and C. There are subgroups under each Year as well.

For example, this next Sunday’s readings are found under

Lectionary Readings > Year C > Epiphany > “Last Sunday after Ephiphany”

where each > represents a sub-group

There are 4 plain text files in “Last Sunday after Ephiphany” each one representing 1 of 4 possible readings for a given Sunday.

The purpose of that information is that it is the same for every 3 year cycle. So 3 years from now I will be looking for those exact same readings.

The OTHER thing I want to do is create a group called

Worship Info > 2007 > 02 > 18

which will “link” (NOTE: I am not sure that I am using the proper term here) back to 2 of the 4 plain text files indicating which 2 readings I am using this Sunday.

What I want to be able to do is this:

  1. Look at the readings and see which readings I have used when

  2. Look at a particular Sunday and see which readings I used that particular Sunday

I also have a list of hymns that I also want to add to the mix.

Is DTOP the right tool for this? Should I be using FileMaker or another tool instead?


You can create physical links from one rtf document to others, so yes, you can link (though I don’t think you can link from a group (aka folder) to a file).

As for seeing what you used and when, assuming I understand correctly, if you make a note, comment or subfolder to move items, you can accomplish what you wish, but that is a manual process.

Of course the date modified for a file is always available.

As for doing some of this “automatically”, you might create several smart groups to accomplish part of what you wish.

You can also create dated folders with text files that link to specific readings used or simply use dated or annotated text files (representing a given Sunday) linking to specific readings used.

Does that help?