NEW to DT. Syncing local files to DT

This is my first day as a paid customer.

Here’s what I did

  • Imported a dropbox folder to set up a database.

  • created a Pages document and saved it directly to the dropbox folder OUTSIDE of DT.

Here’s what I observed.

  • The new file IS NOT in DT.

NOTE: I’m only needing to be Local-to-local at the moment. No need for shared devices right now.

How do I set DT to read the dropbox folder that is local on my M1 Air?

I suggest to read up on indexing vs. importing in the documentation.

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Ya. That’s it. Thx much.

Now to automate it. . . .

Welcome @sidvicious

I strongly advise you to read and understand that section of the help before jumping into “automating it”. It’s not an option to jump into without forethought.

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i reread what i’d read before posting. yep. you are correct. much thx.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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