New to DTP, could use some help Scripting

Hi all,

Awesome software, and a great community behind it. I’m so glad to be getting away from bloatware with bloat-teams like Evernote.

But I do need some help, and I’m willing to take advice, or even hire for it. I need to save things into DTP in a uniform way. Here’s what I’m thinking.

Objective: Move uniformly-formatted content into my DevonThink Inbox from web browser, from Reeder, from iBooks,/Kindle (or just kindle) and from dead tree books. I can specify the fonts/format. Automatically tag each entry with name of publication and author when possible

Format for article notes

[Article/Book title]
By: [Article/Book: Author] [Article Date]

[All Article content]

Under score line after content

“Date published if article: [filled in]”
“Date saved: [system date upon save]”
“Article URL: [url]”

Underscore line
[Place for passages from the above I’ve highlighted]

Underscore line

My comments: [Take from text I wrote in at a prompt when I saved)

Resources that I think could be useful.
Article data like author and publication could be grabbed from this API, (when available, if it’s not availble, fine, let me fill them in myself)
Digital text from OCR’d pages from a book - could be rendered from this api? … vision-api (Maybe I could drop the page photos into a Dropbox folder and have a Hazel rule start the work?)

Any help at all would be received so gratefully. I’ve been going around AppleScript forums for a month trying to get help, when I should have come here.