New unknown behaviour after re-installation

After re-installation on my new MacMini I noticed a new (disturbing) behaviour.
So, what I do is: Scan a document with a Brother MFC-xyz using Brother iPrint&Scan software.
In this software I defined a workflow to save the scanned document in the application DevonThink. So I can find the scanned document in the input folder. That works fine in the past. But now I get for each scanned document a window with the question: “Would you like to save the document?”. This window is generated from DT after the OCR procedure is done.
You can imagine that this behaviour is really annoying when you have to scan a couple of documents (> 10).
Is there a possibility to deactivate that query?

A screenshot of the window would be useful. In addition, which DEVONthink version do you use?

Did you try disabling DEVONthink’s Preferences > OCR > Enter metadata after text recognition?

Thanks BLEUFROG - that was the crucial hint

You’re welcome :slight_smile: