New user (coming from Evernote)


I was using EV a long time, but I was not happy with the “Cloud” and storing my data on their server.
So I bought DTPO and try to learn. Well, its different, and I still have problems to use it. EN was much more intutive.
How can I sync with my iPhone/iPad with ony ONE click. I always have to press the sync-logo, and then I have to choose a mac in the local netw., and then the database, and by pressing sync the process starts. whau! i my opinion a sync should start automaticly by any changes and not after 2, 3, 4 clicks or choosing something (and these changes are always the same!).
I have to get used to the “sync-folder” in a database, and all outside of this folder is not getting synced. does it make sense? in my opinion its too much moving around/replicating (?). how quick can i forget a folder to add to the sync-folder?! happens quick!
what about the “EINGANG” (?) folder? this one is NOT getting synced?! aha?!?!?!?!?!?!?
on DT to go: start a sync - i have to go to the main level. why cant i start a sync not from everywhere?
how do i start a synch on the mac???

questions over questions…

takk and greetings