New User. Likely a simple question

I am a new user of DT. Building first DBs. I think I may have already made a strategic error.

Building my first DB I choose to index the files. My thinking was I was not certain that DT would be a fit for me. So I did not want to build a new structure then have to export the files back out. Then restore to the file structure before DT.

Now I am beginning to realize that importing the files is much better for replication to the work laptops. And in general a better way to use DT. Is there an easy way to import the files (that are now in their groups as indexed) without having to create the groups all over again?

Thanks in advance…

You can right-click indexed items and choose Move into Database. This will copy them into the database’s internal structure.

Thanks! I knew it would be easy…

There is often a very simple answer to most questions. :smiley: