new user: no results

Hi, I just purchased DA but get no results whatsoever;

yes, I have search sets checked on
yes, I am connected to the internet
yes, LittleSnitch does allow DA any connection

I have the OSX firewall set up (there are no instructions for DA in this connection, at least to my knowledge; it’s not in the FAQ)

I did have results in the past so I assume I make a very basic error. Any advice appreciated.

For a first test, select the ‘Internet (Fast Scan)’ search set and try a simple query. Check DEVONagent’s log if pages are coming in at all. Do you have 1passwd installed?

Not sure how I select that search set - but I can edit it under Tools > Edit search sets.

No results, however. Searched for “Cambridge Audio”.

In the search field, click the little magnifying glass icon and select a search set from the menu. Its name will be shown in the window title.

I had all that - but no returns. However, that was yesterday. Today, it suddenly works. Perhaps registration had to “register” somehow? Was it the restart that did it? Anyway, it works, thanks for the swift replies.

Hmm, it should not make any difference as our programs are not crippled in any way except for the time bomb (and some email/scan import restrictions in DEVONthink Pro Office). Anyway, glad that it works, noo.