New user questions

I am an historian experimenting with DevonThink Pro as a possible database for organizing my research and writing. I have a few questions/suggestions.

  1. The lack (as far as I can tell) of Boolean searches is a major drawback. Am I right to understand from a previous post that this will soon be added? As of now, it is my main hesitation about DevonThink.

  2. It would be very handy to be able to quickly open a document in an external program, i.e. open the original of an indexed RTF in Word. As far as I can tell this is not currently possible. Might such a feature be added to the next version?

  3. I am building my databases around indexed rather than imported files. (This way, if I have several databases, each for an article I am writing, and have the same document in each, if I update the original it will be easily synchronized in every database in which it appears. Also, I do not want to waste laptop memory with multiple copies of files.) But I am concerned that this could turn into a mess if I move or rename any of the original files. Any advice from experienced DevonThink users?

  1. This will definitely come (just have a look at DEVONagent’s operators - DEVONthink 2 will support all of them including NEAR, BEFORE and AFTER)

  2. You should be able to use Data > Open With > … for indexed files

  3. If you index complete folders, then just select the group in DEVONthink and choose File > Synchronize if necessary.