New user search question

I’ve set up 8 databases and have been experimenting with the search function. I have all dbs open. When I type a search term in the search field, it’s only found if it exists in the db that’s currently highlighted. This has happened several times. Am I doing something wrong? I thought that the search function would check all open databases.

I think I solved my problem. It looks as though the search field that’s up there in the tool bar only works with the currently selected database but if I use the Search choice from the tools menu, all of the dbs are searched.

Correct. The toolbar search can even be set to only search your selection in the current database. The global search (from the menu) has the more powerful search options, and it too can be set to only search a particular database.

Thanks, Greg. I didn’t know that the global search could be set to search a specific db.

Martin if you do Tools/Search and select “Databases” from the “Search In” section on the left it will search in all open databases. I have noticed a minor bug in that sometimes it does not search in all databases even if that option is already selected unless I re-select the option.