New user: search question


I’m just evaluating DTPro & DA. So far I’m impressed - I’ve tried most of the other alternatives and not found what I was looking for, but this time I might have struck oil :slight_smile:

I have a question that I haven’t been able to resolve yet: in search results, is it possible to get a count of the number of matches within each document ? For example, say I search on “iTunes”, and find 5 docs, but what I’m actually interested in is how many times “iTunes” is cited, can DTPro tell me this ? And can it help me to scroll to each match ? (like “Find / Find Next” in many apps).

Obviously I haven’t read the manual yet. Too busy playing!

David Mantripp

David, the Search results are ranked in what DT Pro thinks is the relative importance of the term – iTunes – in the search results.

In most file formats, if you select the name of a search result you can scroll down in the right pane to see the search term(s) highlighted.

If you open a search result in its own document window and press Command-F you will see that the search term(s) were automatically inserted into the Find query. Press Next to see the next occurrence of (one of the) terms.

While the document is open in its own window press the Words button near the bottom. You will see a count of the frequency (number) for occurrence of the term “iTunes” in the document. To the left bottom of the document window you will see the number of paragraphs, words and characters in the document.

Also while the document is open, click on the “double arrow” symbol in the upper right above the text. A drawer will pop out displaying some of the “interesting” words in the document. Example: if I’m looking at a document about Thomas Huxley the term “evolutionists” may appear. If I click on that I’ll see a ranked list of documents to further explore.

And don’t forget the See Also button, which results in a list of suggested documents that DT Pro thinks are similar.

Hope that helps.

Thanks very much Bill.

Note to self: RTFM :slight_smile:

No need to apologize.

There’s no substitute for experimenting with (playing around with) the database, with an occasional jaunt to the user documentation, the Help files or the Tutorial database, along with visits to the forum or a query to Support.

Once in a while Christian evolves the database features faster than we can update the documentation. Please try to be kind to us when that happens. :slight_smile: