New User: Setting Up DevonThink3 for first time, can't create Databases

Hello Group,

I am trying to create a database and unable on DevonThink, I made one on DTG, but it was in my inbox as a Group.



DevonThink 3.0.4
MacOS 10.15.3 (19D76)

Welcome @michaelrabern

I made one on DTG, but it was in my inbox as a Group.

:question: A group in the inbox isn’t a database.

Please provide more information about what is happening here. Thanks.

Thank you for your speedy reply. I am unable to make a database or encrypted database. When I click to make one it does-- nothing. To workaround it, I used the iOs app and made one.

I have been a user for a few days. My ultimate aim is to sort my project research items, organize my journal collections (with and w/o my markups). It could be misunderstand databases, am I correct to think that a database is a encapsulation of a body or work, so to allow me to keep them separate? It could be that I misunderstand Databases. But the issue of it not being created still persists. Thank you again!

This DB is called “A thing” please see below:

No problem :slight_smile:

PS: “A thing” here is a group, not a database.

I’d suggest you read Help > Documentation > Getting Started to get your bearings about the philosophy and basics of DEVONthink, especially the DEVONthink Simplified section.

We had only a few reports of this occurring but have not been able to reproduce the issue. Let me look around a bit.

Are you using any of the apps listed here…

This isn’t a resolution; it’s info gathering.

Also, select a file in the Inbox and choose File > Export > Document. Do you see the Save panel open?

Here is some irony. I used the IOS app to make two DB. (I think in my attempts to sort DT3 I did make a group named “A Thing”)

Yes. Mostly the Adobe.

And after you selected the export option did you see the Save sheet drop down?

No Save Sheet option.

Thank you!

Does it work after booting the computer in safe mode and/or using a second, clean user account? This issue seems to be caused by third-party apps but we still don’t know by which one.

That’s what I expected and feared.

And yeah, try the options @cgrunenberg mentioned. Odds are you’ll be able to do it in safe boot; possibly on another account (but I’m guessing less likely).

Ok. A safe boot- this seamed to work.

I had Chrome as the the only login items, I removed it and now have no login items.

I am only able to create DT3 databased in Safe Boot. Unfortunately I have nothing else to remove.

I tried several times in and out of Safe Boot and It was constant. I can make a DB in Safe Boot, but not in normal boot.

Also, Databases do not sync to DTG (iOS)

Also, Databases do not sync to DTG (iOS)

This is a separate issue.

  • What sync method are you referring to? There is more than one method.
  • Have you actually synced anything?
  • Have you set up a sync location in DEVONthink To Go and synced there? Databases - on Mac or mobile - do not sync without user intervention.

The persistent problem is the inability to make DB outside of the Safe Boot.

The syncing method I am using is the iCloud, I am doing that, as you may see in one of the above screen shot, I took a screen shot of my iPhone and upladed sent it to DTG, and it synced correctly.

Am I understanding ccorrectly that databased do not sync to via iCloud to DTG, vis a via.

Open Applications/Utilities/Terminal.ap and paste these commands as separate lines…

ps -ax | grep -i applications > ~/Desktop/applications.txt
ps -ax | grep -i -v applications > ~/Desktop/processes.txt 

In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug and attach the two text files.

Am I understanding ccorrectly that databased do not sync to via iCloud to DTG, vis a via.

I am not sure what you’re referring to here.
Sync is bidirectional by design, so changes made on one device should sync to the other. However, they will not sync immediately, especially with iCloud. However, they should sync quickly enough in the normal course of things.

Done. Thank you!

Just wanted to report that I have encountered this issue since updating to Catalina earlier this week. Unlike the OP, I was able to see the save dialog upon attempting to export a document and I also was able to create a new database upon entering safe reboot. Upon restarting my Mac, I now see that I am NOT able to create new database when not in safe mode. Thanks.

Which third-party software do you use? There seems to be a conflict.

Add a file to the Global Inbox, then select it and choose File > Export > Document.
Does the Save dialog appear?