New user - uninstalling DevonThink after buying DTP

Hello everybody!
I’ve just bought the DTPro on Monday and after fiddling a bit and reading on this forum, I’m writing my first post.

Prior to purchasing the DTPro I’ve also installed the DevonThink, now just being left there in my Applications folder.

Please advise on how to uninstall the DT without ruining anything for DTPro? Many programs for Mac are coming nowdays with more files than before. Then/before, you could just drag an app to the Trash can and it’s gone, right? Now I usualy search in Spotlight prior to uninstalling-draging to the Trash, and I clean in the Library, Application Support catalogue and elsewhere needed.

Should I do this with Devon Think as well?

Thanks very much in advance :slight_smile:

It is a good idea to uninstall the DEVONthink PE application from your Applications folder when switching to DT Pro. That prevents DT PE from “capturing” and retaining the OSX Services keyboard shortcuts, so that they are not available to DT Pro.

Just drag the DT PE application out of your Applications folder, either to the trash or to another location on your hard drive, where perhaps you may wish to keep an archive of the application and then trash the application itself. That will eliminate the potential of captured keyboard shortcuts.

When you experimented with DT PE you created a database at ~/Library/Application Support/. The database is a folder named “DEVONthink” stored in the “Application Support” folder.

When you first installed DT Pro it should have found your existing DT PE database, converted a copy of it to the DT Pro file format with the suffix “.dtBase” and displaying the DT Pro logo in the Finder. That new copy of the older database should have been saved in your Documents folder.

If that’s the case you can now safely drag the “DEVONthink” folder out of Applications Support to the Trash.

That gets rid of the two largest files connected with your DT PE experiments and eliminates possible confusion between DT PE and DT Pro. There are some tiny files such as the permissions .plist file for DT PE, but leaving those in shouldn’t cause any problems if you don’t want to take the trouble to look for them.

By the way, it’s highly recommended that you designate one of your DT Pro databases as default, so that it will automatically open whenever DT Pro is launched. To do this, with the database open select File > Database Properties. Near the top of the Database Properties panel check the option to make this the default database.

Thank you, this is a very detailed procedure, great.

FYI The procedure can also be found in the on-line help of the applications. :wink:

Hiding behind a big tree of shame I’ve downloaded the DTPro Manual from the support pages and I’m reading about this procedure. Yes, reading the manual prior to asking questions might just me the right thing to do…
Thank you :slight_smile: