New user with queries about emails

Hi all,

I’ve only been using DT for a short amount of time and I’m only starting to scratch the surface, but already I’m struck by how powerful this software is and could be for me. I just need to get my head around it.

Firstly, I apologise if I have asked this question in the wrong place on the forums, or if this is a common problem with the answer located elsewhere.

I have two different work email accounts. I access them via Apple Mail. One of the main reasons I want to use DT is to better search these emails and access attachments from them.

I have used the archive email function on both accounts and have them within a discrete database. The accounts now appear within the database, with groups for the internal email structure for each account. So far so good.

Is there any way I can update the emails directly every, say, 24 hours, so that my inboxes stay updated within DT? Does this have to be done manually or can it be automated?

Any guidance greatly received.

No worries! This is the place for such questions.

It is possible to automate with Apple Mail’s rules. However, we have no control over whether they trigger, so you should consider that.
If you really want to ensure updates, doing an Archive Mailbox daily is the best option.

Thank you for the prompt response. I really appreciate your reply.

A follow up question, or two, if you’ll be so kind!

Does this default the emails back to the same groups/folders, updating each?

Also, I’ve tried to Archive again today (manually) but nothing really happened, and new emails didn’t transfer across to DT. Is there a reason for this? Do I need to wait longer between archives?

Thanks again.

You’re welcome!

Archiving a mailbox will file things in the mailbox structure imported into DEVONthink.
You should be able to use the archive function whenever needed.

If you think there’s an issue, check DEVONthink’s Window > Log.