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I’m new to both DevonThink and the Mac. I’ve got two questions, one general and one specific.

The specific one is–is there any way (perhaps writing a script?) to create a keyboard shortcut which would send a complete Web Archive to Devonthink? Would be much handier than going to the pull-down menu…

The general one is that I’m trying to understand what advantages Devonthink (I’ve got the full package, Professional Office) brings over just keeping a well-organised directory structure…I’m optimistic that it does bring advantages, but not sure what they might be…for instance (i’ve previously just used Gmail and kept my mail on the server-side) what advantadges does the mail archive have over just using the native Mac mail programme?


Okay, so I found that one can use FastScripts Lite to create a keyboard shortcut for a script—any other recommendations?

Also, does anyone have any advice on using DT to manage contacts? I have a flatbed scanner (MicroTek Scanmaker 450) and a huge stack of business cards–is there a good way to scan them in, say 6 at a time, and have DT automatically recognise various data fields (name, address, e-mail, phone, etc.?)

Yet another question–is there a way to append notes to a PDF? Say I have a big PDF file, and want to associate the notes i’ve taken on it to the file–is there a good way to do this in DevonThink?

thanks again,

If you scan and OCR material such as business cards you will be able to search by text content, e.g. a name.

You can add plain text comments to a PDF in the Comment field of the Info panel. The text is searchable.

Or you can create a separate note document and give it the same name as the name of a PDF, with an added character or word. Then if you search for the title of a PDF any associated note document will also pop up in the search. I sometimes use this trick.