New version 2.5 Sync not working

I just upgraded Devonthink to 2.5 and followed the instructions about removing the sync store from the Webdav if using the old beta sync. I also removed (uninstalled) the sync beta add on. I then upgraded.

Now when I setup a sync again, to sync with the webdav, they wont sync at all. It just says “Opening remote store” then closes and does nothing.

Please can you help, it took me ages to do the initial sync.

Working now… for anyone else who tries to take shortcuts like me, the issue was…

Instead of just deleting the Webdav store, I renamed the folder and created a new folder. The original webdav folder was permissions 775, but the new one created with 755. As soon as I changed the new Webdav folder permissions to 775 it started syncing. So I guess this was the issue.

Again, as per another thread, it would be good if DT has some error handling so it could tell me it was not writeable!