New version DTPO 2.7.3 and ERR_IMG_PDF2TIFF_EXEC_ERROR

I just upgraded from DTPO 2.7.2 to DTPO 2.7.3 and now I’m experiencing when importing a scanned document an error ERR_IMG_PDF2TIFF_EXEC_ERROR.

It also happens when I deactivate the option to convert the PDF into a searchable document under DTPO options.

Do you have any idea?


This is unfortunate. I suggest you open a ticket directly with Support (here or here or support_at_devontechnologies_dot_com), where you can get faster personalized attention than the forum. Please save relevant console messages, and DEVONthink crash logs, and forward them to Support. A copy of a failed PDF might also help Support.

Hello korm,
I will do so! Thank you for your quick advice. Since it started with upgrading to DTPO 2.7.3 I thought others might experience the same problem, so I decided to open a thread here.


are there any news about this problem. I also sometimes have the same problem. Right now in 2.7.5.
Mostly it happens when I stop scanning for 15 minutes leaving the MAC alone. Coming back doing the next scan the error occurs.
If I shut down DO and restart it the problem doesn’t occur again.
BR Chris


Please start a Support Ticket.