New version of DTP and OCR

Good morning from Vienna!
I just put 3 pdf files into my DTP and, as I realizes that they were not scanned with an OCR, I marked them and wanted to use the OCR readable script, which used to work perfectly in the past. But not this time: I marked them, clicked on OCR->Reasbale PDF and nothing happens. Any clue?
Newest update for DTP and latest Big Sur.
Thx in advance

BTW: Just found following message in DTP:
What does it mean?

Is this a new M1 Mac or an Intel Mac?

What was the document type that you were trying to convert to and the type of the input document

I am not as fast as I want to be with my hardware updates. My purse does not allow it :wink: 2 yrs old macbook pro

a regular pdf

Guys … Seemed to have worked.
It took longer for 8 docs to be “OCRed” and the progress line seems to be missing :wink:

In DEVONthink, if you select the Help menu and then press the option key you should see a menu entry called report a bug. Select this and in the generated email just mark it for the attention of Alan. This will send us a copy of the OCR so I can see why this is happening.