new version old problem scanning

Ok, I want to scan some pages from a book to read it as pdf. I try the new version of dtpo:
a) import as image capture

  • there is still no grayscale
  • the page of the book is put in a pdf as the pdf is a big white paper and the page is inside the paper
  • if I rotate the image, the page is “pressed” and distorted, like half size

b) import as exactscan

  • rotate image is not working in grayscale
  • The image is poor quality, I can change all the setting but the image is poor quality

b2) import as exactscan using the ‘scan own interface’

  • it works fine
  • but it close and reopen the epson scan page everytime I ask to add a page, and I have to wait and re-click on ‘scan’ again, for every page…

I was happy for the exactscan working without use the “scan own interface” (previous version was not working), but there is a bug that do not allow to change the dpi scanning…


New DevovOfficePro 1.5.3 has the same problem for me as with scanning. None of import capture options work - not Image Capture or ExactScan. I could previous to 1.5.3 or 1.5.2 work with my scanner software-- Brother MFC 8440. Since 1.5.2, I have acquired images via ReceiptWallet (interface works without a hitch, even with sheet feeder). I then import images (with OCR) into DevonThink. I am working on a IMac G5 PPC. All this seems a tedious way to work toward a paper-free office. Any suggestions?

What about use the “scan own interface” option in exactscan? In this way I can access the original program to scan. The only problem in this way is, when i scan multiples pages document, exactscan launch the scan program for each page I’m scannning and close it when the page is scanned.


The grey scanning option is still not working on Tiger because Apple never bothered to fix it. So you have exactly the old plugin back for that version of the OS. Only on Leopard has this been fixed.

As to the fact that some scanners aren’t working with both options: your best bet is to report a bug and the ExactCode people will be able to take a look at it. As for Image Capture, what you see is what you (don’t in your case) get. There we are at the mercy of Apple and their third-party developers and we cannot change anything about it.

The grayscale problem for the ‘image capture’ is not a problem 'cause image capture do not crop the image you select, but put it in a white space, so it is not useable for make pdf. If i scan, for example, a A5 page, image capture put the A5 page inside a bigger white A4 background. I do not why.

The exactscan problem is that it do not read the dpi preferences. I can ask to scan 1200 dpi, but it ignores the preferences and scan in very low quality.
But I buy dtpo from devon, so I think I have to report this bug to devon, I can not report dtpo bugs to every third part software house that devon chooses to use to integrate his software. Or not?


Of course you should report any bugs in our products to us, and we will possibly connect you to ExactCode if they think it’s necessary.

If you set the paper size to A5 of the scan document (using Page Setup…) before you set the scan parameters, it should work properly.

In ExactScan Capture, when choosing to use the scanner’s own interface (Brother MFC 8440 TWAIN), ExactScan simply freezes, requiring a force quit to regain the use of the computer and the subsequent need to capture using another piece of software unrelated to DevonThink Office.

Yes, I this is a good workaround that can help me, thank you. It is still uncomfortable 'cause i had to place the original book in a specific place in scanner and if I have to scan non-standard book format, I have to impost the non standard format in page setup… but for A5 book could be a good workaround.