New web item format ideam : Web Snapshots

There are a couple of documents I have a hard time capturing: forum threads, Google Docs.
Those are living documents, they evolve through time.

If I capture them as bookmarks I don’t have their content offline, if I capture them as webarchives their content might not be up-to-date.

I’d like a hybrid format: a webarchive that updates itself automatically.

Thanks for the suggestion! When exactly should the web archive be updated? After viewing? You can already reload a web archive on your own if desired and update the file, see “Reload” and “Updated Captured Archive” items in contextual menu:


Oh great!

For some use cases I think I would like some webarchives to update frequently without any action of me.
For some other cases it would be good enough for the system to “check if update avail” when opening the webarchive.

Ideal behaviour (from my perspective):

  • an update-frequency metadata field (that can be set per webarchive item) (1h, 1d, 1w, 1m, manually only)
  • a default setting of this field in the pref pane
  • also on pref pane a bit of configuration on when to auto-update (time & connection)
  • at viewing the system could check (if online) if the online resource has been updated or not, and notify in case of update.

In most cases this would be probably always the case as many web pages are highly dynamic and change all the time. Anyway, we’ll consider this for future releases.

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I do agree that ad banners etco make most web pages dynamic. Yet their clutter-free versions much less. Here might be a way to go: checksum on clutterfree.

Another input: with an auto-check mechanism, if a content update is found, the item could be marked as unread to communicate the change.