New window size and layout


In DTP I often work in several windows (4, 5, 6 or more), each one open on a project (a group) in progress

The layout of each window is Sidebar=Navigate, View=as List, Preview=Widescreen, a kind of “3 panes” display in a way.

I open each new window with the keyboard shortcut ⌥⌘N.

Often the new window that opens doesn’t have exactly the same layout as the active one: the sidebar on the left is slightly narrower, the list part in the middle too, so the preview on the right is a bit wider. This is not too annoying.
However, sometimes the new window is really much smaller, about 50% of the size of the previous window. And in this case it is getting really annoying!

How can I get each new window to have exactly the same layout and size as the previous one?

Thanks for your suggestions!

This isn’t possible currently, each window remembers its settings & layout. One workaround might be to use workspaces for certain setups.

But where do these settings come from?

They are stored in preferences.
Workspaces allow you to use specific databases and windows on demand.
Why do you ask?

Workspaces would be perfect if it opened a new window without closing the ones already open. Indeed sometimes I need 3 different windows, sometimes 4, 5, or 6 or more. I open them as I work during the day and according to the number of folders (projects or customers) I am working on.