new window when linking to

I would like that clicking on a fixed link in a RTF document leads to the target document (e.g. pdf) opening in a new window.
Is this already possible?
Thanks a lot. Bernard

No, that’s not (yet) possible.

I was wrong - too many modifier keys :wink: Just Command-Option-click on a link (and Option-clicking looks for the clicked word in the database like the contextual menu command “See >word<”, Command-clicking positions the cursor inside links).

In addition, the “Open link” command of contextual menus of V1.1 will open Wiki/cross-linked documents in new windows.

Yes, clicking command-option does work to open the link in a separate window. For combining several pieces of several documenst into a main document it is very useful. Thanks!

Command-Option-Click is not opening a link in a new window.