Newbie considering DEVONthink as main information repository

I’m considering DEVONthink to replace my home-grown repository of information. What is the most elegant DEVONthink way to represent a dictionary of personal terms?

I’m a network engineer, and deal with lots of acronyms. I like to look them up quickly. For example, if I encounter “FPGA”, I want to look up my personal best definition of "Field Programmable Gate Array"s. To implement this, I run a web server on my Mac, and I have a directory containing one HTML file for each letter of the alphabet. One is named “h.html”. It contains an HTML definition list. The definition of FPGA is a link to the Wikipedia page for FPGAs. I have hundreds of definitions.

They are better than a Google search, because they don’t have false positives.

I have scripts that search these quickly. I’m considering replacing this homegrown construct with something more elegant/supported/powerful. In DEVONthink, is there a natural structure for this kind of thing? I’d want to be able to access it with Keyboard Maestro or AppleScript, so that I could highlight a word and click a key and hove DEVONthink pop up with the definition.

One issue – that I found when trying to adjust DevonThink for custom word dictionaries – is that there’ no notion of start of line, neither as wild card or how the text is indexed. So you need to think about something indicating beginning of line or use comma separated files (or tab separated files) to get to that point.

There are many things possible with DEVONthink and some imagination (especially when including AppleScript). However, it’s not possible to say an unequivocal Yes or No, since the idea is conceptual at this point.

Also, the approach could easily vary. I would personally not imagine an H.html file. I would imagine a separate Markdown document per definition. So again, the approach is more personal and feasibility has to be assessed based on that particular direction.

But as i just noted… this depends on your approach, not necessarily an inherent defect or limitation.

It seems a group of files (whatever format you prefer) with one entry per file and optionally grouped by first letter would be pretty straightforward and easily searched. If you turn on automatic wiki linking, all kinds of magic happens when definitions refer to other entries. Regardless, trying a few different sample configurations should answer your questions fairly easily.