Newbie entering data

Good morning all wise experts!

I am a brand-new user of DEVONthink Pro Office. I set up my 1st database and set up my 1st number of groups in that database.

I took the documents I knew were related and dragged them to the groups within the database. Yet, now when I searched for words within the database the search results field only gives me documents with my search term in the title or group names with that search term. It does not give me words in the individual documents.

Does this mean that I have to drag all of my documents to the inbox 1st and then drag them into groups after that?

I am using command F to search my database.

Thank you so much for your help

David Lisko

Command-F only brings up Apple’s simple search of a document. To search a DEVONthink database, use Option-Command-F.

I recommend using the full search window (Tools > Search), as the settings are visible and there are more features than in the Toolbar Query search mode. It’s possible to search across all open databases, a selected database or a selected group. The Advanced button allows predicates such as Date or Tag to be added as a search filter. If you have developed search criteria that you would like to repeat, the full Search window makes that easy: click on the “+” button to the right of the query field, and then name and save your new smart group.

Both Help and the downloadable PDF user documentation have an Appendix that gives a useful overview of the Search syntax and operators.

You will find that DEVONthink searches are fast and powerful.