Newbie-folder structure

I’m reading up before moving most of my files into DTP.

How does DTP treat folder structure, some of my subfolders have 500+ items. Need I separate them into different databases? Or can a master database act like the top level folder and hold smaller databases within it?

Like I said, I’m new to the program.

You can set up a single database or multiple separate databases. Within a database, you can use a few folders (groups) or many folders/subfolders if you want to use a very structured organization. DT suggests that more folders/subfolders than fewer is beneficial since it enables the classify and autoclassify features to work more efficiently. But theoretically you could have just one folder in your database and use the AI search function to find any file in a matter of seconds. If you search the forums, you will find much advice on ways to organize your data. Bill (aka the evangelist) has written many good posts on data organization and arguments for and against using one or multiple databases. As you play with the software, many things will begin to make more sense.

I have a large array of folder and subfolders in my database. Some of this subfolders hold several hundreds of documents. These documents are the result of several research project conducted over the last 5 years, some are close related some are not. I prefer to hold all under one single database since they are all work related.