Newbie having basic problem importing contact

I realize I must be making some simple mistake, but I can see a way to import contacts. When I use File>Import> Contacts I get a dialogue box that seems to allow me to search on labels, has columns for group, name; has it seem various optional fields for a contact and on the bottom 3 buttons for link, vcard, sheet. No way that I can see to indicate a file to import and clicking on any of the 3 bottom buttons instantly closes the dialogue box. Tried rebooting in the off chance some link was broken, but no. I get this empty dialogue box, it’s not linked to my contacts on my mac and I can indicate external files to import.

Any help will stop me from going insane.


I’ll look into this when the sun goes up, but on the off chance that this helps: does DT3 have full disk access? Have you maybe previously not granted DT3 access to contacts? Check both in the security settings in the system preferences.

thanks for the response. You got me close enough. Full disk access was OK, but access to contact was not. I authorized this and it then showed up in devonthink. So this allows me to either link or import as vcd or sheet.

The rest I believe was a misunderstanding on my part as I originally wanted to import exported vcf files. I know understand that this is done thru the standard import function

Thanks much for pointing me in right direction, better than beating my head against wall.