Newbie here - what will the load of a robust DT and DTG on my Mac and iPad?

Hi - I’m giving both a test drive and see real potential to complement my Obsidian PKS. I am looking to phase out of Evernote. I’m struggling a bit to find a good way to learn the 2 systems so I’m here. I love that my data will stay with me but what are you finding are the space requirements? Do you need an ext drive etc? And how about the IOS system - is it synch only to the Mac storage and notihng is in residence? Thanks in advance!

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Databases do not need much more space than the documents that are added to the database, therefore the requirements can vary a lot (from MB to TB). It’s also possible to only index documents (see e.g. File > Index Files & Folders…), in this case the database does not copy the files and just references the files/folders in the filesystem.

Each device works with its own local copies of the databases, on demand DEVONthink To Go can only download the metadata to reduce the space usage and download the files on demand from the sync location (e.g. a Dropbox sync store).

Hi @Davench
suggest you check:

  1. My Two Uses for DEVONthink and Obsidian - YouTube (start here)
  2. How I Learn and Generate Ideas - My digital note taking process - Part 2 (ft. Obsidian, Anki) - YouTube (his whole series is awesome)
  3. Use Obsidian and DEVONthink Together! - Effective Remote Work - YouTube (as a bonus to 1/optional)

TL;DR DT3+obsidian is a very popular setup in the PKS community and works magic.

Super helpful. Thanks

Thats great news - thanks!