Newbie: How do you use DEVONthink and DEVONnote?

The subtitle to this forum is “How do you use DEVONthink and DEVONnote?”

My question is - do these products complement each other or does DevonThink … supersede DEVONnote? Or - do users creates notes in DN and store them in DT - or - do they operate independently of each other entirely?

Lost yet? Your thoughts - less swearing - are welcomed.

My thanks


DEVONnote has no features that DEVONthink does not have (here is the feature comparison). DTech describes it as “basic note taking and organizing”. Those who have DEVONthink won’t gain anything (other than the smaller footprint) from using DEVONnote at the same time, IMO.

I believe DTech’s upgrade pricing from DEVONnote to any of the DEVONthink editions is attractive, so starting with DEVONnote and moving to DEVONthink is good choice if the advanced features of DEVONthink are not yet useful to you. And data created in DEVONnote can easily be migrated to DEVONthink (see Bill’s helpful advice).

Many thanks for the comprehensive reply. Very much appreciated.