Newbie Organization question


I just bought few days ago DTPro and started to read docs and this forum in order to understand how to organize my project with DTPro
At the moment regarding my concept of organization (several databases with some indexed data from external hard drive and some data stored in the DBs) I am quite OK
What is still questionable for me is the location of those DBs.
Currently I have the license of DTPro installed on my MacBook Pro BUT my objective is also to work on the DBs from my iPad once the new version 2.0 of DT to go will be launch.
I read about sync function but in my case I don’t think that’s to be used as I thought to store my DBs on the same external hard drive as the datas.
So I would like to know if this external storage of the DBs is the right manner and if from there I could in the near future work also on those DBs from my iPad ?
Thanks in advance for your advice



Storing databases on an external drive connected to your desktop or laptop should work without problems. Your assumption that you do not need Sync to do this is correct.

It is too early to know how that will be affected by DEVONthink To Go v2 – because the developers will not yet discuss any details of the anticipated features for that software and how it will work with DEVONthink Sync.