Newbie question about Websites & DTP

Brand new to DevonThinkPro. Every webpage that opens causes a black Devonthink window with a title, the site address, and space for notes, to pop up on the screen. How do I stop this from happening? Constantly having to shut the window is annoying.

Seems like something is amiss with the DEVONthink clipper extension/plugin. Remove the clipper from your browser (which browser are you using?), shut down the browser, then reinstall the extension from the DEVONthink > Install Add-Ons… menu.

Tried your suggestion without success. Then used AppZapper to delete DTP. Reinstalled program by still having the issue. Thinking of zapping Safari and reinstalling it unless you have another thought.

Cannot seem to correct this problem after several attempts and approaches. If anyone has an idea for me, I’d appreciate it. For now, I’m going to remove DTP so I can use Safari unhindered. Frustrating.

Assure you, this is not normal behavior. Filing a ticket directly with Support will get you faster service, directly from DTech staff who can work with you to troubleshoot. The forum isn’t the best place to troubleshoot configuration problems.

The Clip to DEVONthink is not a part of the DEVONthink application, so uninstalling DT Pro would have no effect on your issue.

Instead, in Safari’s Preferences > Extensions, select Clip to DEVONthink, then click ‘Uninstall’.

DEVONthink provides multiple ways to capture data from HTML pages displayed in Safari. My own preference is capture as rich text of a selected portion of the page, using the keyboard shortcut ‘Command-)’. Or select all or only a portion of an HTML page and press ‘Command-%’ to capture as WebArchive.

Or drag the selected portion of the page onto the DEVONthink application’s Dock icon, or into the Sorter.

Or choose File > Save As in Safari to save a displayed HTML page as WebArchive, or a displayed PDF as PDF – choosing Inbox as the target for the save. The new file will be sent to the Global Inbox.

Or press ‘Command-P’ to open the Print panel. Then click, in succession, PDF and Save to DEVONthink Pro to capture the page as paginated PDF.

Or drag one or more Bookmarklets into Safari’s Bookmarks Bar. Follow the Extras link on our Download Web page to find the Bookmarklets.

There are still more capture options, but this should hold you while waiting for an update to Clip to DEVONthink (you may discover that you prefer one or more of the alternatives).