Newbie Question: Bookmarks

It seems if I import bookmarks from Safari, and then change the original bookmark in Safari, that when I perform a sync, bookmarks don’t sync. Is that correct?

Tony Stinson

The sync feature of DEVONthink only applies to indexed files, any data that is imported does not apply.
It also works one way: if you change the file contents through an external application, a sync operation will update the database.

If I edit bookmarks in DT, is there any way I can get the edited version back in Safari?

Also, it seems that if you import Word Docs, they do sync, correct.

I am really struggling determing the best way to work with files.

If I index files and then move them from the original location, upon sync, the link is broken.

If I import files, they don’t sync (except Wor Docs?).

Do you have any suggestions for how is the best way to approach working with files in DT. I have a lot of Word Docs; somoe PDF’s. Most of my files stay in the same locattion, but I do occasionally move files around.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

Tony Stinson

As far as I know, there is no automation we provide for updating the bookmarks back into Safari. We are looking into something in some future release but for now we have nothing. There may be some script or tools other users are using. Search the forum for more hints.

The problem with indexed files is that they expect to be where they were indexed from. If you move them around without updating the path (see the Tools->Show Info… panel), DT will loose track.
Imported files can be edited in place within DT so there is no need to edit those outside of it. (Word files being the exception to the rule as you already know.)

Despite appearances, DT is not equal to the Finder! I think you need to look at DT as a repository of your knowledge, whether you index or import files. So fence off a certain area in your folder structure that you consider relatively static for use with DT. Then, when you move files outside of that area, you know that you “lost touch” with DT and need to bring those back in your fenced folder area in order to work with it. Making a copy of the file to bring it back in later is a good idea. DT has support for this as well if you use the Data->Open With menu. Be aware of the warning that is shown on the screen, since a copy of the original file will be opened in a cache directory.

I hope this makes some sense, since it’s really early now that I wrote this in Budapest. :wink: