Newbie Question re: Search Syntax Construction


Please forgive me if this question is answered in a FAQ or other published document but I wasn’t even sure how to phrase the search query here on the forums! If the answer does in fact exist someplace, please provide a link and thanks.

I’m using DevonAgent 2.3.1 with DeveonThink Pro Office and I want to conduct a search using DA and cannot figure out how to construct the syntax. Here are a couple of examples of what I am trying to retrieve information on:

I want to locate any quoted comments made by a pundit, campaign staffer etc. for either the Obama or McCain campaign that contains the words…
I think you will find”, or “I think we will find that”, “I think you can expect to

IOW, I am looking for any quoted comments by persons other then McCain or O’Bama that project what “we could expect to see” by that particular candidate on a given policy or related matter should they become president

(I am not sure which search engines to use but I am sure I can figure that part out)

I apologize if this is not making sense. Please let me know how I can further clarify this question.


perhaps i might acquaint you with the free movies that are used to train devon agent users to do almost exactly what you want to do. … rials.html



I was not aware of these tutorials. Thank you for providing the link. You are right in that it appears they should be able to provide me the jump-start I need! :astonished:

Again, much appreciated!