Newbie question - Tagging & Groups

I realize Groups and Tags are essentially the same thing. (I think!)

If I have a whole bunch of files about Citrix and a bunch about Windows 2003.

Can I have 3 groups

  • Citrix
  • Windows 2003
  • infrastructure projects (which contains all from Citrix and Windows 2003 group)



Not exactly.

Select File > Database Properties > … and uncheck Exclude Groups from Tagging, if you want to use Tagging Groups.

  • A non-Tagging Group (blue folder icon) is just a container of real files.
  • A Tag Group is a container of replicants with a common bit of metadata, the Tag, applied to all.
    Note: That you can put real files into Tag Groups directly but we don’t advocate this as deleting the Tag Group would delete the real files.
  • A Tagging Group (for lack of a better term, yellow folder icon) is a collection of real files that will inherit the name of the Group as a Tag (shown in grey, versus normal Tags in blue). It will also inherit the names of parent folders as Group Tags. They will also lose these Tags when moved out of the Tagging Group.

So yes, you could create the Citrix and Windows 2003 Groups inside an infrastructure projects Group. The files in the Citrix Group would have Tags of “Citrix” and "infrastructure projects”. The files in the Windows 2003 Group would have Tags of “Windows 2003” and "infrastructure projects”.

Thank you Jim for a very helpful and in depth reply.

I need to think about TAGs and Devonthink differently then I am used to (Evernote for example).

The saving grace is DT search are blindingly fast and I can puzzle out how to make this work best for me.


Vancouver BC

My pleasure. :smiley: