Newbie Question

Hey guys,

Just wondering. I’ve been using Devonthink Pro Office with my SnapScan 1500M for about a week. I seem to have some odd behavior (probably caused by me).

Anyway my Inbox and my database seem to be separate. Where to search items in the DB i have to click into and then there is 39 items in my inbox at the global level.

Anyway to have all my documents function together in one searchable area or tips on what I did wrong?

The Global Inbox is a separate database from your other databases. There is always a single Global Inbox, and with DEVONthink Pro Office you can have as many additional databases as you wish. Commonly, people will scan documents and place them into the Global Inbox, and then transfer them to groups in other databases.

You might wish to look at Help > Tutorials and view the tutorials on “Using the ScanSnap”, “Scanning Documents”, “Grouping Tips & Tricks”, “Structuring a Database”, “Importing Data”, and others. (These topics were available as of today’s date, and might change in the future.)