Newbie Question

I am in the process of switching from OneNote 2003 and was wondering if I can do any inking in DTPro if I have a Wacom Tablet?
Thanks in advance,

Support for graphics tablets are not an application function but the operating system’s job. To make your Wacom work, please check if it works with InkWell. If it does, it should work with any application including DEVONthink.

Thanks. The Wacom tablet does work with inkwell. I am assuming I would ink in inkwell and then import into DTPro.

To be honest, we have no experiences with how graphics tablets work in Mac OS X. Please, refer to the documentation of either InkWell or your graphics tablet to learn how to use it for writing text inside application, e.g. TextEdit, Word, or DEVONthink.

Not entirely true Eric, I have one (although currently it’s on a boat somewhere…).

However, since we use the same code as TextEdit (more or less) you should have a similar experience. But in my experience I like the handwriting recognition of the Newton better so I never use the tablet to import notes. :wink: